There are several ways to gain free Whisks in Cook It! Visit the Whisks tab and click on the 'Free' tab, then just tap 'Get Now' on any of the following options:
1. Connect the game to your Facebook account (Gives you 1,000 coins and 3 Happy Hour Boosts)
2. Like us on Facebook (20 Whisks + 200 Coins)
3. Follow us on Pinterest (20 Whisks + 200 Coins)
4. Follow us on Instagram. (20 Whisks + 200 Coins)
5. Invite a friend on Facebook (200 coins) - You will be rewarded once they install the game and login

Also, under the "Free" sub-tab, tap on the "Free Daily Gift" tab at the bottom to get a random gift once per day! You should also make sure to go and decorate each of your restaurants! Using decorations will increase your chance of earning a FREE Whisk each time you serve a customer - and your restaurant will look great, too!